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FAQ 18th November 2018 


sessions can be over a six week period or on a long term bases depending on the individuals need. sessions are usually carried out either weekly or fortnightly, often on the same day/time.

anger management sessions are usually between four to six weeks, however if the individual feels they would benefit from extra sessions then this can be discussed between the client and the counsellor.

The first session ( assessment) is 20, this lasts up to an hour. sessions are 30 per hour thereafter. However, if working with couples the price is 40 per session. with children under 17 the price is 20 per 45 minutes
Discount rates for student counsellors!
as well as other students
Those on low incomes
NOTE: for EAP and other organisations the price is between 35 to 55 per session depending on the amount of paperwork/ reports required

Supervision prices include 20 for an assessment for both qualified and student counsellors.
thereafter, 30 for Students, and 35 for qualified counsellors per hour.

Proof of the above information will need to be present at the assessment.

Cancelations policy - clients are required to give at least a 24 hour notice of any cancelations, unless unforseen circumstances occur. Otherwise a cancelation payment of 30 will be required. furthermore, if more then two sessions are canceled in a row then the contract agreed between client/counsellor supervisor/supervisee may have to be re visited.

The client, supervisee and myself have the right to terminate any further counselling/supervision appointments.

stress management, confidence building and assertiveness courses are: 10 pp for the taster sessions ( check steps to serenity FB page for dates and venues. for corporate organisations prices are 150 for 3 hour sessions at the workplace or 200 for 3 hour sessions if we provide the venue.

I have an updated DBS (2017 )
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